The management team of SANUSLIFE® INTERNATIONAL consists of the three operational partners: the siblings Ewald and Verena Rieder, and Florian Kerschbaumer. Ewald Rieder is the CEO.

Our executives have received excellent training with, among others, Anthony Robbins, who according to Forbes is regarded as one of the 20 most influential people in the United States and one of the most recognized personality coaches in the world. Anthony Robbins has been and is still a consultant to former U.S. president Bill Clinton, members of two royal families, members of the Congress, professional athletes and CEOs of the 500 largest companies in the US. He is also a member of the Advisory Board of the United Nations Research Center for Health, Education and Science.

Given the partial interdependence of their respective workflows, the team members work closely together, benefiting from the strong cohesion and authentic team spirit that is thus created. The areas of ​​expertise and the functions performed by each team member are described below.

Ewald Rieder

Founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the company; Head of Sales; a speaker at many events dedicated to business and health, in Italy and abroad; contact person for experienced networkers, leading large established structures, as well as for franchisees.

Verena Rieder

Chief operating officer (COO), Head of Administration, with special focus on office management, in charge of financial and human resources management as well as the integration and training of internal executives; involved in strategic expansion and distribution decisions.

Florian Kerschbaumer

Partner and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Head of Research and development of products and of referral marketing processes; in charge of product management, support of partner companies as well as the training of external executives.

Armin Ainhauser (Dott. Mag.)

Marketing Manager, Leitung internationales Marketing & Kommunikation; zuständig für die Entwicklung, Planung und Implementierung diverser Marketing- und Kommunikationsstrategien; involviert in den Bereichen Forschung und Entwicklung, Personalwesen (HR), sowie Produkteinführung.

Martin Ruepp

Grafiker und Webdesigner; zuständig für die Gestaltung sämtlicher Produkt- und Werbemittel, Betreuung der Webseiten sowie Videobearbeitung.

Corinna Domanegg

Back Office, Ansprechpartnerin für Kunden und Vertriebspartner mit Schwerpunkt Bestell- und Zahlungsangelegenheiten; Mitarbeit in den Bereichen Buchhaltung, Systemüberwachung- und Optimierung.

Laura Atz

Front Office, Ansprechpartnerin für Kunden, Vertriebspartner und Partnerunternehmen zu den jeweiligen Geschäftsfeldern, Schwerpunkt Eventmanagement.

Martina Huber

Back Office, Ansprechpartnerin für Kunden, Vertriebspartner und Partnerunternehmen mit Schwerpunkt Beratung zu den jeweiligen Geschäftsfeldern.

Christian Arzenton

Warehouse manager; in charge of warehouse management, packaging and shipping of orders.

Moreno Mignanelli

Business Coach Italy, Sales Manager Italy; in charge of the introduction and training of external executives; speaker at business events in Italy.

Helena Palaoro

Lagermitarbeiterin; Verpackung und Versand von Bestellungen.

Ablie Marong

Lagermitarbeiter (auf Abruf); Verpackung und Versand von Bestellungen.

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